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Anchor bolts classification

Update:11 Sep 2017

   According to the facilities force, equipment size an […]

   According to the facilities force, equipment size and operating conditions of the difference, the choice of anchor bolts are not the same. Commonly used anchor bolts in accordance with the fastening method is divided into embedded, bite and active anchor bolts.
   First, the embedded anchor bolts
   Buried anchor bolts through a one to two times in the concrete foundation, the main hook, claw and anchor plate, claw-type anchor bolts better adhesion, often used in large and medium-sized equipment fastening. Anchor plate adhesion and positioning of the vertical type is the best of the three, for the impact of large, heavy equipment, fastening.
   Second, bite the anchor bolts
   In the process of fastening the equipment, the upper body bite the bolt, the vertebral head, said expansion tube, resulting in a strong bite force is anchored in the concrete wall, so also called the expansion of the anchor bolts, is the current The application of a more common one.
   Third, the activities of the anchor bolts
   The biggest advantage of the activities of the anchor bolts is the installation of concrete without water, easy disassembly. Usually used in mine hoist, forging equipment and other impact on the large, heavy equipment.