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Anchor bolts

Update:14 Aug 2017

   The anchor bolts can be divided into fixed anchor bo […]

   The anchor bolts can be divided into fixed anchor bolts, active anchor bolts, anchor anchor bolts and anchor bolts.
   (1) fixed anchor bolts, also known as short anchor bolts, it is poured together with the foundation, used to fix the equipment without strong vibration and shock.
   (2) activities of the anchor bolts, also known as long anchor bolts, is a detachable anchor bolts, for the fixed Ding for a strong vibration and shock of heavy machinery and equipment.
   (3) part of the simple equipment or auxiliary equipment, sometimes the use of expansion anchor anchor bolts connection.
   Installation of anchorage anchor bolts should meet the following requirements:
   1) the anchorage anchor anchor bolt center to the base edge of the distance of not less than 7 times the expansion anchor anchor bolt diameter;
   2) the strength of the anchor bolts to be installed shall not be less than 10 MPa;
   3) the hole shall not have cracks, drilling should be to prevent the drill bit and the base of the steel, buried pipe and other collisions;
   4) Drilling diameter and depth should be matched with anchorage anchor bolts.
   5) bonding anchor bolts are used in recent years, a kind of anchor bolts, the method and requirements and expansion anchor anchor bolts are basically the same. In the bonding should be the hole debris blowing, and not damp.