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Choose what kind of detergent to clean the U bolts

Update:07 Jun 2017

U bolt rust or other substances affect the performance. […]

U bolt rust or other substances affect the performance. In fact, the fasteners need to be kept clean. What kind of detergent should be chosen?http://www.lwhardware.com/
1, soluble lotion more clean.A soluble emulsifier is usually made from an emulsifier, soil, solvent, builder, inhibitor, and a small amount of water. Water dissolves the role of the emulsifier, the detergent dissolves the surface of the fastener and the dirt leaves the rust film after the fastener surface. Concentrated detergents are emulsified and pure petroleum products are white, milky liquid in diluted water. Emulsifiers and detergents can seize grease particles, dissolve in solvents and and detergents.
2, alkaline detergent.A builder of alkaline detergent formulations and a mixture of surfactant, alkaline earth, and metal salts, the most widely used is a detergent. Need detergent, pH value is about 7. Alkaline detergent is mainly to ensure the effect of cleaning, followed by the economy.
3, detergent.Decontamination detergents contain major solvents, surfactants, and water. Different emulsion cleaners are a purely solution, not an emulsion. Mainly used as fasteners, second layers of packaging, maintenance and cleaning.
4. Synthetic detergent.Synthetic detergent is an alkaline detergent, the difference is that the standard basic chemical composition of detergents, a standard alkaline detergent is basically inorganic, and synthetic agent is a kind of material and organic agent. Standard alkaline cleaner removes single segment alkaline cleaning residue, but also good rust inhibitor. The difficulty of synthetic detergents used in cleaning medium.
5, an acid cleaner.Usually sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and citric acid, acetic acid. Heat treatment high strength fasteners phosphating film, mainly used in the first three kinds of cleaning process, but should prevent hydrogen erosion. Acidic agents should contain acid and base metal fasteners to prevent corrosion, corrosion, and clear surface agents, and enhance capacity.
Fastener cleaning, cleaning agents are used under a variety of circumstances. Usually do not like to remove the general dirt, metal fasteners, acidic cleaner, but alkaline cleaning agent, but oxidation and other special accessories can only be cleaned with acid. Different cleaning agents are required to see different accessories.