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Hardware invisible screens maintenance tips

Update:04 Aug 2016

Hardware is invisible screens gauze screens automatical […]

Hardware is invisible screens gauze screens automatically rewind. The main use of mosquito ventilation. Framework is tightly attached to the window frame, use the time to pull down the gauze, gauze when not automatically roll back to the network box. It does not occupy space, and sealing strong, coordinated and high-end home decoration. Then in daily use what issues need attention, and how to maintain it? Draw your attention to the following aspects.
1. If the frame surface to be ground accidentally, available one hundred Franc spray or scrub point since painting.
2. yarn doors and windows should not need to use the gauze away, avoid prolonged close doors and windows yarn cleanliness of the influence of the spring of life and gauze.
3. Prohibition pedaling harder aluminum, to avoid damage to the aluminum.
4. Remove the screens do not have to clean, can play a role in cleaning when pulling screens, tap or feather duster to clean gauze may also play a role. If the kitchen gets screens fumes, damp cloth dipped in detergent graze gauze and then wipe with a damp cloth. Gauze and other dry and then rewind.
5. The exterior doors and windows yarn encountered windy when it rains before closing the windows rolled up and back to put gauze, if the issues caused by the wind wafting gauze, gauze to put into orbit and then pull the yarn doors and windows, recommendation windows shut when the wind is too small or do not use screens.
6. While pulling the tarpaulin along the track bar to pull parallel, if not accidentally pull-out rail network folder bar. Network folder can be sloped so that the network folder are two sets of pieces into orbit, and then gently pull a few times (note whether the upper and lower flat gauze rewinding is pulled). Screen doors and windows on the reduction does not affect the future results.