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High-strength bolt classification

Update:20 Nov 2017

Friction-type high-strength bolts: Suitable for connect […]

Friction-type high-strength bolts: Suitable for connection of steel frame structure beam, column connection, solid web connection, heavy crane beam connection of industrial plant, braking system and important structure subjected to dynamic load.
High-strength pressure-type bolts: can be used to allow a small amount of slip to produce a static load structure or indirectly withstand the shear load in the shear connection.
Tensile Strength Tensile Bolts: When the bolts are pulled in, the fatigue strength is low and their carrying capacity is hard to exceed 0.6P under the action of dynamic load (P is the allowable axial force of bolts). Therefore, it is only suitable for the use under static load, Such as the pressure bar of France blue butt joint, T-type connector.