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High-strength bolts of the quality requirements

Update:04 Dec 2017

(1) Surface rust, oil, burr hole wall bolts, welding tu […]

(1) Surface rust, oil, burr hole wall bolts, welding tumor should be cleaned.

(2) The contact friction surface treatment to achieve the required anti-draw-shift coefficient requirements. The use of high-strength bolts should be equipped with nuts, washers, used by supporting the use of, not interchangeable.

(3) Handle the friction surface of the component installation is not allowed to dip oil, dirt and other debris.

(4) The assembly friction surface should be kept dry during installation and should not be operated in rain.

(5) Strictly inspect and correct the deformation of the connected steel plate before installation.

(6) Do not hammer in the bolt during installation to prevent damage to the bolt.

(7) The use of electric wrench regularly tested to ensure the accuracy of the torque, and in the correct order of operation Torsion.

Main safety technical measures

(1) The wrench jaw size should be consistent with the size of the nut, should not use a small wrench on the casing. High-altitude operations should use dead wrenches, such as when using a spanner with a rope tied, people want to wear a seatbelt.

(2) When assembling the steel structure connecting bolt, it is forbidden to insert the connecting surface or the screw hole by hand. When picking and removing the iron plate, the finger should be placed on both sides of the iron plate.