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Epoxy resin adhesive 6 introduces major advantage

Update:04 Aug 2016

Epoxy resin adhesive 6 introduces major advantage Epoxy […]

Epoxy resin adhesive 6 introduces major advantage
Epoxy Adhesives Compared with other types of adhesives, has the following six major advantages:
(A) an epoxy resin containing polar groups and a variety of large reactive epoxy groups, and thus with the metal, glass, cement, wood, plastic, and other polar materials, in particular high surface active material has a strong adhesion, and cohesive strength of the cured epoxy is also great, so its high bonding strength.
Substantially free of low molecular weight volatiles generated when (2) an epoxy resin curing. Layer volume shrinkage is small, about 1% to 2%, is one of the smallest species shrinkage thermosetting resin is cured. After addition of the filler can be reduced to 0.2% or less. Cured epoxy linear expansion coefficient is small. Therefore, internal stress is small, little effect on the bonding strength. Coupled with the cured epoxy creep small, good dimensional stability of the bond,
(3) an epoxy resin, curing agents and modifiers varieties are many, can be reasonable and clever formulation, the adhesive has the desired manufacturability (such as fast curing, room temperature curing, low temperature curing, water curing, low viscosity high viscosity, etc.), and with the use of performance required (such as high temperature, low temperature, high strength, high flexibility, aging resistance, electrical conductivity, magnetic, thermal, etc.).
(4) with a variety of organic compounds (monomers, resins, rubbers) and inorganic (such as fillers, etc.) have good compatibility and reactivity, easy copolymerization, crosslinking, blending, filling and other modified to layer to improve performance.
(5) good corrosion resistance and dielectric properties. To acid, alkali corrosion, salts, solvents, and other media. Volume resistivity 1013-1016Ω · cm, dielectric strength 16-35kV / mm.
(6) general purpose epoxy resin, curing agents and additives multi-origin, production, preparation of simple, accessible molding, to large-scale application.