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Performance characteristics of bolts

Update:18 Jul 2017

  The bolt is used for fastening or fastening in mechan […]

  The bolt is used for fastening or fastening in mechanical or structural components, and is usually fastened to mechanical parts, usually classified as fasteners (fastener). The bolt is manufactured in accordance with the relevant national or international standards in the vast majority of cases, so in the business circulation, and also with some other bolt according to the compulsory standard production parts together are to be called standard parts. Bolts, screws, and nuts (also known as nuts) are commonly referred to as "screws" in many areas or in non professional stories.
The difference between bolts and screws in two aspects, one is the shape of the stud bolt, part of the strict requirements for the installation of a nut, but stud screw conical part and sometimes even with the top; on the other hand, is a function of use, the object is not screwing bolt nut, many places are alone the work does not need nut matched with the bolt from the function is classified as a screw.