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U-bolts the basic characteristics

Update:02 Jan 2018

U-bolts, that is, riding bolts, riding bolts English na […]

U-bolts, that is, riding bolts, riding bolts English name is U-bolt, non-standard parts, the shape of the U-shaped so it is also known as the U-shaped bolts, threaded with two ends can be combined with the nut, mainly for the fixed pipe, such as water pipes Or sheet like a car's leaf spring, because of its way of fixing objects like riding a horse in the same, it is called riding bolts.

U-bolts are generally used in trucks, U-bolts are used to stabilize the car site and frame. Such as leaf springs are u-bolts to connect. U-bolt wide range of uses, the main purposes: construction and installation, mechanical parts connection, vehicle ships, bridges and tunnels railway. The main shape: semi-circular, square rectangular, triangular, oblique triangle and so on.

U-bolts the basic characteristics

1, material properties density, bending strength, impact toughness, compressive strength, elastic modulus, tensile strength, temperature, color determined according to the use of the environment.

2, the material commonly used carbon steel Q235A Q345B stainless steel and so on. Stainless steel which has 201 304,321,304 L, 316,316 L.

3, U-bolt national standards [1]: JB / ZQ4321-1997